Board Of Directors

 Executive Board

Erika Schwartz, Board Chair

Richard Twilley, Vice Chair
Joanne Fontana, Treasurer
TBA,    Secretary

Kristen Davis, At Large

Valerie Calciano, Past Chair


Austin Apanovitch

Lindsay Auger

James Coogan

Linda Edelwich

Karen Gray

Cody Hampshire

David Post

Christine Roberge

Anusha Rodriguez

Jodi Rodriguez

Kelly Turner

Himali Stoccatore





Alan Bookman, Superintendent of Schools
Julie Thompson, Glastonbury Board of Education

Tricia Quinn & Lauren Skold, Glastonbury PTSO
Larry Niland, Glastonbury Town Council


Jamie Clark

Janine DiNatale

Christopher Drury

David Megaw

Margaret Wilcox


E-Board Bios

Valerie Calciano, Past Chair

Years in Glastonbury: 20 years
Why I joined GEF: In 2015, I was approached by a friend of mine about joining the Board. At that time my oldest daughter was in second grade and I had two younger children at home and I had just stopped practicing law full time. I was searching for more ways to be involved the schools as well as the community at large and the Foundation was the perfect fit. Joining the board afforded me the opportunity to give back to both. It has been such a rewarding experience to serve on the board the past 5 years during which have served as the chair of both the Gala and the BL5K.
 A little bit about myself: I currently reside in Glastonbury with my husband Dominick, our three children Gianna (a junior at GHS); Dominick (an eighth grader at Smith Middle School); Liliana (a fifth grader at Hopewell Elementary) and our dog Bruno. I am of counsel at Leone Throwe Teller and Nagle. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Central Connecticut Youth Hockey Association. When I am not driving my kids to their various sports and other activities I enjoy staying active through running and yoga and spending time at the Connecticut Shore.

Chris Drury, Nominations Committee

Bio Coming Soon!

Joanne Fontana, Treasurer and Distribution Committee Chair

Years in Glastonbury: I’ve lived in Glastonbury most of my life. I grew up here, went away to college, and then came back to the Hartford area for my job. Then my husband and I decided to buy a house in Glastonbury and I’ve been back ever since.

Why I joined GEF: Having gone through the Glastonbury school system myself and now having children in that same system, I’m proud of and grateful for the education that our town provides. I thought that joining GEF was a good way to give back to the schools and community and ensure that going forward we continue to offer cutting edge opportunities to our students and others in Glastonbury.

A little bit about myself: I work as an actuary for a consulting firm. When I’m not working, I try to exercise, bake, and hang out with my kids as much as possible!

Christine Roberge, Annual Campaign & Sponsorships Chair

Years in Glastonbury: 16 years

Why I joined GEF: After volunteering at the elementary school, I feel that GEF is a great way to continue to support education in Glastonbury.

A little bit about myself: I enjoy Pilates, reading, spending time with my family, and attempting to tire out our energetic dog! My latest challenge is trying to learn to golf!

Years in Glastonbury: 

Why I joined GEF: 

A little bit about myself: 

Erika Schwartz, Board Chair

Years in Glastonbury: 16 years
Why I joined GEF: To get involved with and give back to our community and schools. Bonus, I met amazing people!
 A little bit about myself: I am a home organizer. I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends. I love my German Shepherd, Hope. I am an avid runner, and as of 9/30/20, I will have run 1,000 days in a row of at least a mile day!

Lauren Smallwood, Marketing Co-chair

Years in Glastonbury: I’ve lived in Glastonbury for 12 years, my husband and I moved here right after college and fell in love with the community. We couldn’t imagine raising our children anywhere else.
Why I joined GEF: I felt a need to give back to the community, volunteerism has always played a big role in my life. When looking into options I felt closely aligned with the GEF mission. I have three small children that will eventually participate in the Glastonbury School system.
 A little bit about myself: I am a CPA who is taking time from the corporate world to raise my three young kids. When I am not chasing toddlers, I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and being active.

Richard Twilley, Vice Chair, BL5K Chair

Bio Coming Soon!

Board Bios

Lindsay Auger

Years in Glastonbury: I’ve lived in Glastonbury since 2011, moving here just in time for that first massive October snowstorm! I grew up in West Hartford and Avon, but moved away for college and, later, a career in Public Relations. When my interest turned towards the law, I came home to attend UConn Law School and eventually met my husband – a Glastonbury native – in Hartford.
Why I joined GEF: With four young children gearing up to go through our school system, I quickly joined Hebron Avenue School’s PTO Steering Committee to ensure that I was up to date on any needs in my eldest’s school, and to have the chance to act creatively to address those needs. My involvement at HAS naturally led to a desire to better understand the issues our other schools were facing, and any identifiable opportunities for improvement/enhancement. I am so excited to be a part of a team that gets to hear, and can proactively nurture, opportunities and ideas that could have an impact on our schools and the larger community.
 A little bit about myself: I am enjoying my early “retirement” from the law to spend as much time as I can with my six men: my four sons, my husband, and our male puppy. In my “free” time I love to read, do pilates, and work on home-improvement projects. In the past year I finally took a step towards becoming a goldsmith, and can’t wait to continue my education through our talented local artisans soon.

Jamie Clark, Advisor

Years in Glastonbury: 13 years
Why I joined GEF: I joined to extend my volunteer reach broader than I had previously enjoyed doing through Buttonball Lane School’s PTO.
 A little bit about myself:  I like to stay physically fit by running, walking and doing Orangetheory workouts with my friends and family. I am a mom to 3 kids who all take advantage of the many amazing opportunities this town offers both in and outside of the school system. Our family loves spending time on Cape Cod and traveling to National Parks.

James Coogan

Bio Coming Soon!

Kristen Davis, Marketing Committee and BL5K Committee

Years in Glastonbury: I’ve lived in Glastonbury for the past 5 years. My husband and I felt that the town would be a great place to raise our two daughters!
Why I joined GEF: I was initially interested in the GEF because of its continued support of Glastonbury’s public school system, which my kids will be a part of as they grow up. I also really enjoy being a part of the Glastonbury community and participating in the GEF is one way I can give back to the community and help in the efforts to better our community’s education programs.
 A little bit about myself: I work as a lawyer in the retirement industry. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors, photography, travel, and playing with my girls, Elle & Lily.

Cody Hampshire

Bio Coming Soon!

David Post

 Bio Coming Soon

David Megaw, Advisor (First GEF Secretary and former Board member)

Years in Glastonbury: We moved to Glastonbury in 1972 and have lived here since then except for four years when my career took me to Houston and Chicago.
Why I joined GEF: I had just completed six years of service on the Town Council when the first Chair of GEF, Ira Yellen, a neighbor, asked me to join him in building the organization. I’ve stayed on in honor of Hilda, my late wife, who was a teacher in town for over 20 years. My children went to school in Glastonbury as do four of my six grandchildren. I have really enjoyed the way the GEF has melded creative people with practical projects.
 A little bit about myself:  COVID 19 has really limited me from doing what I’d like to do: Spending time with family, watching grandchildren thrive. I’m the oldest of six siblings. I miss travel. Last trip: a barge trip in eastern France, before that: Hawaii. I’ve had fun “redoing” my house. I’m in a book club, in the Exchange Club. I’m a retired tax Attorney, most of my career was in the insurance industry. Past President of a Credit Union, wrote several books dealing with financial planning.

Anusha Rodriguez, Gala Committee, BL5K Committee, Marketing Committee

Years in Glastonbury: I grew up in Glastonbury and had the opportunity to move back in 2016. We are fortunate to live down the street from my parents and the home I grew up in. We are very excited to raise our kids in my hometown.

Why I joined GEF: I went through the Glastonbury public school system – from Naubuc and Eastbury through GHS. I am so grateful for the opporutnities I was given as a student and the education I received. Being a part of GEF allows me the opportunity to give back to the schools in a unique and creative way.

 A little bit about myself: My husband, Paul, and I have three active, loving little girls. Spending time with them is my favorite pastime. I work full time for a financial services company in NYC, investing in alternative investments and mutual funds for our clients. In my free time, I love to run, exercise, cook, and my kids will tell you I’m always cleaning the house!

Jodi Rodriguez

Bio Coming Soon!

Years in Glastonbury: 
Why I joined GEF: 

Kelly Turner

Years in Glastonbury: My entire life! I am a fifth-generation Glastonbury resident and have very deep roots in town.
Why I joined GEF: As a lifelong Glastonbury resident going through the school system and now having my oldest child in Kindergarten I wanted to find ways to help positively impact the town.
 A little bit about myself: I am the co-owner of the Norcom Mortgage Glastonbury branch. I am very passionate about my work, as well as my family- my wonderful husband Corey Turner and our three small children. I like to travel, craft, and do fun activities with my kids.